Considerations For An AV Installation

Installing a new AV system can add a lot of functionality to your space. But good AV design must take several principles into account in order to be complete, effective, and affordable. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on a new AV system.  Determine the System's Functionality The first thing to do is to decide what kind of equipment you need and make sure that it overlaps correctly. [Read More]

Guide To Buying The Right Automotive Borescope

An automotive borescope is used by a mechanic to inspect the inside of a vehicle to determine repair and maintenance needs. It is the perfect inspection tools for areas of a vehicle that are not directly visible or easy to access without taking the automobile apart. A borescope is made up of fiber optic wires, optical relays, lenses, and glasses. There are three main types of borescopes used by mechanics including flexible, rigid, and video. [Read More]

A Good Place To Start Home Automation

What should you do if you're at work and one of your children leaves the garage door open? What should you do with your lawn if you are on vacation and there is a sudden heat wave at home? Or What if there is a sudden cold snap and you are worried about your pipes freezing? If you invest in the right home automation technology, you can control key home systems no matter where you are in the world. [Read More]

Lights, Camera, Action! Why You Need A Videographer At Your Family Reunion

Family reunions are all about getting together with those in your family tree that you don't see very often. Grandma and Grandpa take a break from golfing their retirement away in Florida. Your sister and her husband fly in from out west with the kids. Even the cousin that no one likes very much is there. Not only is it a lot of work to plan, but it's a rare treat to get everyone together in one place like this. [Read More]